The Rest of New York

I’m sick of dragging these New York posts out, so I’m just going to knock the rest of it out right now. Hopefully. This is going to take forever to get all of the pictures uploaded.

Hello, Mr. Trump. Hiring?

Rockefeller Center.

Radio City. Obvi.

Times Square craziness.

Green? In New York?? Gotta love Bryant Park.

Wicked. Best thing ever.

I wanted to go to see this, but they weren’t filming that week. Boo.

Love this bed from Anthropologie.

We went to dinner in Little Italy the first night. The food was eh, but the company was terrific.

I had brunch with Mara and Chandler, who tried to talk me into moving to New York. I have to say they were very convincing! This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me.

Classic NY sight.

We watched basketball across the street from where Claire and I got our ears pierced.

Some stuff we saw just walking around.

My feet hurt so bad at the end of every day. We seriously probably walked about 100 blocks every day.

3 turkey and provolones on wheat. Great minds think alike.

Sally and I went to see Promises, Promises with Kristen Chenowith and Sean Hayes.

Does this look familiar? It’s the Palace from the first season of Gossip Girl.

And this would be the point where my camera died.

So that is The End. Until next time.


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