You Tube Tuesday- Middle/High School TV Edition

Man. TV when we were kids was AWESOME. I remember so many shows that I loved watching as soon as I got home from school or got up on Saturday mornings. I actually remember when John Kennedy Jr. died, all of my friends and I were so mad because they showed footage of that instead of City Guys and Hang Time. All they were doing was looking in the ocean. It was way more important that I know if the team won their game or not on Hang Time.

When I took piano, I would make the girl that went with me go first, so that I could watch USA High. LOVED that show!! Also, I could never prove this, but I’m fairly certain that they used the same set as Saved By The Bell: The College Years.

Oh, man. I loved California Dreams too. This probably had a lot to do with my dreams of one day being a singer. Ha!

Hey Dude was the reason I used to want to go work on a Dude Ranch. Obviously, this dream was never one that came into fruition since I’ve barely ridden a horse.

Um, hello. The original game show. Legends of the Hidden Temple. I always liked the Blue Barracudas and the Green Monkeys. The Silver Snakes always creeped me out for some reason.

This is a full episode of Legends. YouTube is a wonder.

Okay, I could seriously have about 15 other shows on here. But I won’t. But this list would not be complete without the Granddaddy of them all: Salute Your Shorts. I cannot believe this show was only on for 2 seasons.


4 Days Until UGA Football

13 Days Until Gossip Girl


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