These Boots Are Made for Walking- Nancy Sinatra

In honor of the non-106 degree temps we had 2 days ago (that have since returned) and the start of football season, I wanted to do an entire post dedicated to my love of vests, but alas, this does not seem to be the year of the vest. Unless you’re a fan of the Chewbacca/Rachel Zoe furry ones. Which I am not.

Some of you may be wondering how football and vests are related. Never fear. I will lead you on a journey through my mind. I hope you don’t get lost. Football -> fall weather -> vests. One of my favorite outfits for the fall is a short sleeved shirt, jeans, rainbows, and a vest. Perfection.

Basically, I could only find 2 that were even acceptable to consider buying. Not even my beloved Lands’ End Canvas with all of its preppy goodness couldn’t come through for me this time.

This vest from Old Navy is one that I love. The pockets and the khaki make me feel like I’m on safari, even though I haven’t even left Greensboro. Unfortunately, it’s all sold out except in XXL. Boo. But if any of you see it one of your Old Navy’s, buy it for me and I will pay you back!

I also enjoyed this one from J Crew. Very English countryside. Especially if you paired it with a plaid shirt and navy Hunter boots. Although the rest of theirs were furry. Well, there was another one that I liked. But the $995 price tag will keep me from buying it for… ever. Do they seriously sell that many of them to make it worthwhile??

But after seeing these red suede boots on the mini-Boden website, I am not determined to find some for me. Although, my feet are so small, I could probably wear these.

That is freakin’ huge. But I’m tired and too lazy to make them smaller. Sorry. :)

Now I must go back to watching Gossip Girl and studying my UGA media guide. It’s almost SAAAAAAAATURDAAAAAAY IN ATHEEEEEEENNNS!!!


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