Lewis on the Home Opener

Our darling Lewis wrote this when he was a mere 21 year old. I always think of him randomly on Game Days and of how much he would have loved to be here. But I like to think he’s in that big football stadium in the sky, smiling down with a beer and a chili cheese dog from the Varsity, anxiously awaiting kick-off. I’ll bet the wait feels a lot shorter up there.

“A snarling traffic jam, a mass of folks dressed up a day early for church, and an atmosphere of festivity and excitement likened unto the day prohibition ended, have all hit the darling Classic City of Athens today.  Be reassured that such days as today occur only four times a year here.  And that’s good, although there would be some that would disagree.  But Athens, on those four days much like a school girl out for her first big fling on the town, just couldn’t take any more.  She would surely burst if she were called upon to act as the hostess for such rollicking occasions any more than she already is.  Today is the day Georgia’s Bulldogs open another football season.  That, pure and simple, is the reason for today being such a special event in Athens.”


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