Salt Lake City

I realized today just how tired I am/have been when I got a comment from Alec saying that I spelled Sanford Stadium, SaMford. Duh.

Basically, I’m exhausted and have decided that I need more than 8 hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, too many shows that I like come on at 10 or later, so I don’t really ever see that happening. BUT, we made it to Salt Lake!!!

I am currently deciding on whether I feel like trying to download the 700 pictures of Wyoming and Utah I took today. Oh, I just LOVE that state and I’m not sure how I would really narrow any of them down. It’s one of those things where all the pictures look the same, but they don’t.

A few highlights of the last of Wyoming:


Utah is really pretty too. Of course, it looks a lot like Wyoming.

First sight of Salt Lake City!

Outside of the Jazz’s arena.

Then we got a tour of the arena!

Of course, what I didn’t take any pictures of are all of the hoops that Caroline’s apartment complex was making her jump through. Or A.J. Green and the Dawgs getting screwed by the NCAA. So we went to dinner at CPK and had a beer. (Obvi the girls on the bottle didn’t go to BYU.)

So while at dinner, we were talking to our waiter and he sent out one of the waitresses who lives in this apartment and long story short, we went and looked at it and it was AMAZING!! So it seems like God has answered our prayers! I told Burles that God decided she needed some good news. Nothing’s final yet, but so far, so good.

Well, now it’s time for bed. Another long, exhausting day. Hopefully I can get some good sleep tonight. Lots to do tomorrow!


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