Exploring SLC and watching the Dawgs lose

It’s decided. I LOVE Salt Lake City! It’s so beautiful and clean and really, it’s the perfect sized city. Not too big or too small. Just right. Although, the weather here may be a little questionable. This morning, it was cold, wet, and windy! Where are my 95 degree September temperatures? I can’t imagine January. Brrr!

I dropped Burles off at work, and then I went to Urban and Starbucks and waited on the rain to pass. (I did buy the cutest umbrella, just in case it didn’t.)

Burlesie on her first day of work!

After Starbucks, I went and got a haircut (random) and then headed to Temple Square. The temple is the center of town and everything goes out from there. It was interesting to see everything.

The temple was really pretty last night when it was all lit up, but I wasn’t so crazy about it today. It’s not really any style of architecture and just feels like a random conglomeration.

Statues to Joseph Smith and his brother. Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion.

The Temple Square was gorgeous! Lots of flowers and plants and not a piece of trash anywhere. They obviously take very good care of it.

The front of the temple. I did like it better than the back, but still not a huge fan.

The Bringham Young monument. I looked for his grave site, but I couldn’t find it. You would have thought it’d be easier to find.

The Lion House and the Bee House. The LH was Bringham Young’s residence and the BH was his office and where he entertained visitors. Young was known as the Lion of something because he was about 4″ taller than the average man at the time, at 5’8. There was also a lion on some house in Vermont (which is where he’s from) that they got the idea from. The significance of the bee is that Young wanted Mormons to be industrious and busy like honeybees. There is a beehive on the top of the BH and hives and bees carved in some of the staircases and moldings. A lot of things are named Deserter because that is the Mormon word for bee. (I could be wrong about some of this stuff, but that’s just what I remember from a tour I went on of the BH.)

Okay, that’s all of the Mormon history lesson I will give you.

I loved the bike racks around the city!

After seeing all of the Square, I went to the University of Utah. I felt like a freshman, walking around with my map!

It really felt like any campus to me, until I walked past the stadium and saw this:

*Note: I started this post in SLC and now I’m finishing it after watching Georgia lose to S. Carolina. So if there’s a rather negative tone, sorry. But I HATE losing to Spurrier.

Not too shabby. I hope that Burles doesn’t take this for granted.

After that I picked her up from work and we went and checked into our hotel.

Where once again, sh*t hit that fan. Basically, she had the PERFECT apartment, and it fell through. After much teeth gnashing and crying, she is staying at the Feeney’s house in Park City until she can find a place.

So we went to dinner and split a pitcher of beer and felt better.

And then went home and watched Jersey Shore and felt worse. Seriously, I hate that Sam is so mad at Snookie and JWoww. It just kills me. I totally understand why they didn’t want to tell her and why they wrote her the note. Because they look bad if they tell her and she still is with Ronnie and they look bad if they don’t tell her. And what did she do? Gets back with Ron. And not only that, but she hates them and is friends with Freakin’ Angelina, as Pauly and Vinny like to call her. Argggg!

Friday, we just ate breakfast and bought some Jazz souvenirs before Burlesie took me to the airport to go home.

After the longest flight ever (not really, but I was so ready to be home), I got back to Caroline’s parents and then headed to Jamie’s to spend the night and watch the game.

I figured out this is the first time I’ve watched the Dawgs lose on TV in 3 years. I HATE it. I’d much rather be there. Yeah, it sucks being there, but I hate listening to the announcers that all hate us anyway, I hate watching replays of Washaun Ealey fumble the ball over and over, I hate seeing Lattimore keep running after being hit by five different guys. I hate hearing, “If only A.J. Green was there.” Well, he’s not. And there’s no point in wishing for something that can’t be. So shut up about it already! This game was so painful on so many different levels.

This picture is from last year’s game. But this pretty much sums up how we felt this year.

Fortunately, I’ll be at the rest of the games this season. I’m just so ready to be back, sweating it out behind my guys, in the flesh. Not that I think I make that much difference, but when I’m there I at least can feel like I do…….

Oh, well. At the end of the day,

and I’m still proud to be a Georgia Bulldawg. Even though I’m a much happier one after a W.


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