Tuesday Highlights (Or Lowlights, depending on how you look at it)

Geez, Louise! Is it really only 9? I’m ex-hausted! And right now, feeling too lazy to upload pictures, so all you’re getting is a lot of random words. I will understand if you cease reading immediately.

Anyway, a few highlights of my day:

(But first, a warning: This may depress you.)

1. The baby I am nannying for is SO super relaxed and sweet and easy-going! Whoo for making this an easy job! I took a few pictures, but like I said, lazy and plus, she looked a little scared of this huge black thing in my hand that shoots light at her. We’ll try again later.

2. I took a nap while she did. It was great.

3. Of course, the Daily Intel recapped Gossip Girl for me and it was spot-on fabulous. But the high-light was this handy little hook-up chart they put together. LOVING IT.

4. So in the stair-hall and the hall upstairs, the lights have been burnt out for forever. (And they’re not easy to change, so give me a break.) But someone did it for me. Seriously, I gasped with excitement. (Fairly certain it was my dad.)

5. I did change the bulb in the ceiling fan in the playroom. Sad day when that makes you feel productive.

6. I meant for today to be my day back at running. Oops.

7. Tomorrow, I’m starting a photography class with my dad. I’m super excited about it! I guess what I’m really saying is prepare for a lot of random pictures around here.

8. I’m so nervous about the Georgia game on Saturday I’m not even excited. Honestly, I feel like this is a make-or-break for the season or else all of the blogs are going to explode with talking about how CMR is losing his job and Georgia football isn’t relevant anymore. Oh, wait. They’re already doing that….


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