Mid-Week Laughs: Men’s Fashion

So when E over at E, Myself, and I did Men’s Fashion for this week’s Mid-Week Laughs, I knew I had to participate. Although she stole my favorite with the men’s short-sleeved dress shirts, there are so many that I had a hard time picking just one.

For example, there are manpris, but those don’t really get too much wear down here in Georgia. (Well, at least I don’t think they do. Okay, HOPE AND PRAY they don’t.)

There’s also basically anything the guys wear on Jersey Shore. From their skin-tight graphic Ed Hardy tees, to the dress “going out” shirts to the necklaces, it just goes from bad to worse.

But again, I don’t know any guys that wear those, so I’m just going to stick with something I know…..


Yes, Gentlemen. Your socks. Specifically, ones that can be seen. These are ones that are being worn with either sandals or shorts. Even my 21 year old brother has fallen victim to the tall socks with shorts look (although I choose to believe when he does it, he’s doing it as a joke.)

Really, it’s just bad.

Please stop. Thank you.


One Comment on “Mid-Week Laughs: Men’s Fashion”

  1. emily says:

    totally agree with you on the socks!!! why do men think it looks ok to wear them?

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