Just Dance- Lady Gaga

Our internet’s been out the last few days and I actually didn’t spontaneously combust. It’s a miracle.

You know what’s not a miracle? Or is, depending on what side you’re on, I guess. That A.J. Green’s appeal was NOT overturned by the NCAA. Seriously? Yeah, okay, obviously he shouldn’t have done it, but a 4 game suspension is way too harsh. To quote Clay Travis via Twitter, “…If he’s stolen ten jerseys, he probably misses a game. Sell one he owns, four games. Felonies count less than making money in NCAA.” Oh, well. At first, I was seriously pissed. Now I’m just disappointed. I really thought it would be. BUT, if he couldn’t be back for this game, I don’t think it will make much difference at Mississippi St. I also think the NCAA is just making a statement about being powerful and not backing down when they make a decision and how their word is law. Well, I don’t have that much respect for them anyway.


Back to happier times.

Saturday, after watching Georgia fail miserably in Cola, I loaded up my car and left Jamie’s for the last part of the trip that took me from Athens to NASCAR to Utah and then back to Georgia. Peaser wanted to have all of the bridesmaids get together and go out so we could hang out and get to know each other. Unfortunately, none of us predicted the terrible loss and thus, terrible mood I would be in.

But, despite that, we all managed to have a good time. We went and had dinner at this neat little restaurant called Treehouse, that I suppose would have been a lot neater if it hadn’t decided to pour the minute we got out of the car and we could have sat outside in the, you know, trees. After that, we headed to a bar in Atlanta (I have no idea which one) and listened to a band and danced and drank and heckled some kid wearing an A.J. Green jersey that had his freakin’ name on the back of it. SERIOUSLY?? What kind of idiot is this kid?? I asked him where he got it from and all he said was, “Athens.” Sketch. I don’t like it.

But I do like these people.

(I’ve been watching a LOT of morning talk shows, so I’m getting REAL good at the segways. So get ready for lots more random points. :) I know you’re excited.)

Katy, Rachel, and me (excuse the hair. remember the rain.)

Claire, Peaser, and Kelly

At the bar. (I wish I knew the name of it!)

And no, this is not *Ross*. (And also no, those beers were not for just her. LOL.)

A great way to end a not-so-great day!

“Beneath our poised appearance we are completely out of control.” -Merovingian (The Matrix Reloaded)


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