A few weeks ago, my cousin Heidi commented on the ole blog here that she had never heard the word “redic,” but that she liked it very much. Truthfully, abbrevs have become such a part of mine and my friends’ lives, that I don’t even think about them any more. But I thought a dictionary of sorts might be helpful to anyone that’s not familiar with them.

Abbrevs– Short for abbreviations. Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but how many times have you heard “Why is the word abbreviation so long?” So we shortened it. Most def more effective.

Redic– Short for ridiculous. Truthfully, I should probs spell it with an I, but the southern accent makes it sound like an E anyway. Plus, it should usually be pronounced Re-dic. This is a very useful word.

Probs– Short for probably. I will never know why we add the “S,” but it works. Just go with it.

Def– Short for definitely. Again, pretty obvious. Usually when saying this, I would say “most def,” but this one is great for texting. (Actually, now that I think about it, most of these words probably were derived from texting. Technology is already has taken over our lives.)

Presh– Short for precious. There tends to be a “Valley Girl” tendency with this one, so it is best used sparingly, otherwise it tends to be annoying.

Presh– Short for appreciate. This is what is wrong with the English language. Presh and presh are spelled the same, yet sound totally different. (Does anyone have a suggestion on a different spelling for either?)

Perf– Short for perfect. I use this one a LOT. Probs too much. For a long time, I didn’t really like this one, but it has obvi grown on me.

Legit– Short for legitimate. Think MC Hammer’s Too Legit To Quit. A classic.


Obvi- Short for obvious or obviously. I can’t believe I forgot this one! Especially since I used it in the definition for perf. Dumb.

I hope that this little guide has been helpful. If there is any other jargon I use that you don’t understand, please feel free to ask.


3 Comments on “Abbrevs”

  1. Hey, I made the blog! Sweet! Thanks for the enlightenment on the abbrevs. Presh. :)

  2. SK says:

    You forgot obvi!!! And I use prec and presh.

    Also, totes as in Totes McGotes!

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