Dawgs vs. Dogs

By the time you read this, Sarah, Michelle, Alec, Ryan, Mikey and I will be well on our way to Stark the Ville! Actually, we may be already starking, depending on what time you’re reading this.

Yes, our goal is to LEAVE at 6. In the morning. Of course I will let you know if we achieve this goal or not.

But I’m excited. We’re excited. I get to cross 2 things off my bucket list: going to Mississippi and going to Miss St.’s stadium. Good day. (No I’ve never actually BEEN to Mississippi. I’ve been through it, but my destination has never actually been Miss. I mean, why would it be? Jk to all of you Mississippians that read my blog. Ha!)

Sarah and I have been planning this tailgate all week. I’m excited about it. The food’s going to be AWESOME!!! We’ve got pimento cheese and pb&j, salsa, artichoke dip, Doubletree Cookies, sausage balls, bacon breadsticks, and a LOT more. I feel like a real grown-up!

You know, minus the fact that my mom was beside me telling me how she does everything….


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