Getting Starked by the Ville

It’s times like these that I’m glad that this little blog here is not a Georgia football blog. It’s Sunday after my Dawgs lost to Miss St. and the weather is reflecting my mood perfectly: wet and dreary. We need the rain and I need an excuse to sit in a dark room and mope.

Before I start my recap, I will say this. I ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY DO NOT want Mark Richt fired. I currently HATE this era of “win no matter what.” Give me a break. There are 6 teams in the SEC East alone that would all LOVE to go to the SEC Championship and I would say 3, maybe 4 that routinely have had seasons where they have a shot of going. It is absolutely not feasible for us to win every game and it’s stupid and selfish of us to think that we can or even will. I may be thinking this because I remember Mark Richt’s press conference when Vince Dooley announced that he would be our new Head Coach. He has been the first Head Coach that has been truly “mine.” I remember the Donnan years, but not super well. They were all bad anyway. But this time, it’s feeling personal. I also tend to be an optimist when it comes to things, especially things that I love. They are MY team and MY Dawgs and I will love them and support them no matter what.

That being said, I think it might be a good idea for Coach Richt to take a little more charge in play-calling. I think the leadership for this team is dismal, beginning with the coaches. It just seems like they’ve lost their grip and are reaching for it for dear life. I think coaches like Saban and Meyer are strong leaders and that is one big reason why they’re successful. I’m not saying that Richt and Co. aren’t leaders (and that I even want them to be leaders in the way Saban and Meyer are), but maybe they’ve relied too much on their strong players to lead lately. We just don’t have any right now. Murray’s too young to get much respect and sorry, but I don’t see most of these boys as being good leaders. I can hardly blame them because truly, they probably haven’t had good examples in their lives. So it’s time for the coaches to take back leadership and give this team a focus. I don’t think that will magically solve all of our problems, but I do think it will help. I think we wouldn’t be sitting here 0-3 in the SEC. Because honestly, there is NO excuse to lose to Mississippi State. NONE.

Alright, well, I said I didn’t want it to turn into a football blog, and that’s exactly what it did. Ah, well. I needed to get that off my chest.

Michelle and I got to Sarah’s on Friday because we still had some food to make. It was good because we only set the fire alarm off 4 times, but the bacon breadsticks were still a hit. Of course they were! Basically, Sarah and I planned the most ballin’ tailgate ever. Too bad there were only 6 of us and not 16. So. Much. Food.


We left on time. Actually, I think we pulled out a little bit early, but we had to get gas so it evened out. This was actually taken about 30 minutes after we left.

First stop in Starkville: Abner’s for 50 of “the best chicken tenders EVER.” And no, FIFTY is not a typo. Because apparently the boys thought we would each eat 8 chicken tenders, plus pimento cheese and pb&j sandwiches, salsa, sausage balls, lemon blossoms, Doubletree cookies, artichoke dip and the fore mentioned bacon breadsticks. Oh, we also had to wait on the 12 pieces of toast.

Someone requested 69 sandwiches. So he got one. Here’s to hoping none of us are ever 35!!

Oh, hey there Ryan. Thanks for ruining the picture.

It’s cool, though. We took about 15 more. I don’t think I hang out with these girls enough.

One win!! Whoo!

Well, we thought it was going to be 2………………. (Note to self: Close legs in future photos!)


Sarah and her boys.


The whole gang! Ryan, Mikey, Alec, Brian, Daynes, Sarah, Michelle, and me. This picture was taken by the lady next to us that had a picture of her pregnant self with Mikey from The Goonies at DragonCon.

After our photo shoot and cleaning up the tailgate (and deciding we would worry about the dead car battery AFTER the game), we headed into the stadium.

Even though Michelle and I bought our tickets from 2 different people, they were right next to each other!

Warming up.

Me and Michelle.

After that, the game started.

And then it ended.


After jumping the car off, we headed back to Tuscaloosa for the night. Alas, upon arriving, we discovered that our room had been given away. Although it was decidedly NOT fun trying to find a hotel at 1 a.m., I will say it was rather humorous watching Ryan and Alec argue with the guy about it. We could tell it was getting ugly when they started throwing their hands around.

Fortunately, we finally found a place to lay our heads and catch a few hours of shut-eye before we needed to be up in order to get back to our beloved state for the boys to watch the Falcons play. (Longest. Sentence. Ever.)

Well, this trip certainly did not turn out how we planned. We thought that we would Stark the Ville much like we Shreved the Port, but it just didn’t happen for us. This trip was almost a comedy of errors from the dead car battery to the lost game to the lost hotel room. Fortunately, we got home safely and just in time to unpack and repack to fly to Colorado on Thursday!

What? Did you think 3 little losses was going to stop us? Boulder, here we come!!


2 Comments on “Getting Starked by the Ville”

  1. Michelle says:

    I love this post and the photo shoot of me you and Sarah :)

  2. […] “They” say the first year is the hardest. And I have to say that I doubt that. There will be (and have been) days that I will ask if it’s worth it. But when it all comes down to it, there is no one I’d rather live this life with than him. I’m so thankful we made that trip to Starkville together. […]

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