Sleepy Baby

I forgot 2 things from this weekend that made me happy on yesterday’s post! I crossed 2 things off my bucket list: go to Mississippi (even though I was there less than 24 hours) and go to Mississippi State’s stadium! So that was happy!

Now for more pictures of a cute baby!

I knew it was going to happen eventually while nannying and it did last week. The FedEx man thought I was H’s mom. Truthfully, this isn’t that much of an improbablity because I’m 23 and she’s almost 4 months old. I’m just definitely NOT ready to be a Mom and would especially like to wait until I have a husband! But I’ve definitely gotten some dirty looks when babysitting older kids. Especially when I was in high school. It really makes me hate the “Teen Mom” stigma (although I do love that show!). We were talking about it this weekend and I thought it was funny because Sarah knew exactly what I was talking about and had also experienced it and the boys couldn’t believe it! Ah, the different experiences each gender has is really interesting to me.

Oh, well. No harm done and he was really nice and non-judgey about it.

She looks so sweet when she sleeps! (Yes, I know she’s not supposed to sleep on her stomach, but I had her laying like that b/c I don’t want her to have a flat head and she fell asleep. And I’m not going to move her and wake her up! I just watched her extra closely.)

It’s funny. I make a similar face when I get woken up too!

And she’s started doing this new thing where she sleeps with her hands behind her head and her feet kicked up! I think it’s hilarious!

Babies are so sweet! But I’m not sad that I only hang out with one from 7-4 everyday!


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