Gotta Arrive in Denver Tomorrow Night…

As I’m sure y’all know, I read a lot of blogs. Most of them are Mom-blogs for some reason. One of them that I was reading the other day said one of the ways she kept her children on track was by asking them, “Is that what you’re supposed to be doing?” (This is so going to come back and bite me in the a$$ when Mama asks me this next week.) But I’ve tried asking myself that a few times this week and well, it half-way works.

But there are time like right now that this is definitely NOT what I’m supposed to be doing. Instead, I should be packing or getting ready for bed.

This has been an interesting week. Good, but a little reflective and introspective. Just doing a lot of thinking about things.

Today was my last day at work for the week, if you can call any job where you sometimes take 2 naps a day “work.” Because tomorrow, these 2 girls and I

are headed to this place.

(I know you can’t read that. It says “Welcome to Colorful Colorado.)

Yes, Jamie, Sarah, and I are headed to Denver and then Boulder for the Georgia/Colorado game! So I will officially be headed West for the 2nd time in a month. Can I find some kind of job that will let me just fly all around the country? (But I have to make sure I’m back in Athens on Saturday.)

While I can’t say that I’m super pumped about the game itself (unless we find ourselves in the unusual position of winning), the Colorado chapter of the Bulldogs Club has planned a TON of stuff for us and I’m really excited about all of that! Plus, getting to see Denver. They’ve planned a tailgate for us and have sent out tons of helpful info about the towns and getting around and where to eat and drink. Plus, they’re throwing a “Welcome to Colorado” party at Mellow Mushroom in Denver Thursday night. You’d be wrong if you thought we weren’t going straight there after Sarah picks me and Jamie up from the airport. I think it’s going to be awesome!

Let’s just say you know it’s a big deal when the highlight of my week isn’t the fact that I know have my own DVR upstairs. (Which I do, by the way!) Or, you know, that light bulbs got changed.


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