From Boulder to Birmingham- Emmylou Harris

You know, it’s a good thing I love my Dawgs more than I hate losing. Because it seems to be the trend this season. Ah, well. We got a great trip out of it at least.

Sarah left on Wednesday and spent that night with a friend/sorority sister of hers and Jamie’s and worked in Denver on Thursday before she picked Jamie and me up from the airport.

Jamie and I left Thursday around lunch and after a short lay-over in St. Paul/Minneapolis (where I had an AWESOME nap), we arrived in Denver! Although it took us a few tries to find Sarah in the mini-van, we were finally on our way!

The airport looks so neat! It’s modeled after the Rockies.

The crazy, red-eyed horse. We should have taken it as a sign.

Of course, we headed straight to Mellow Mushroom where they were playing Munson’s greatest hits. We had our first Coors Lights and Sarah and I split a pineapple pizza, hold the ham! 3 of our faves in one place!

Afterwards, we walked around town a little.

Friday we had an AWESOME day! (I think I use ‘awesome’ too much. Need another adjective. Anyone got any suggestions?) Sarah and I got up “early” and went for a run (short jog for me!) and then came back and got ready and we ate the continental breakfast! Love those!

Our first stop was the Colorado State Capitol. I had read that it was the highest point in the city, but that wasn’t true. It was still cool, though! It’s modeled after the U.S. Capitol. We started off on a tour, but we decided we just didn’t care that much about know so much about Colorado’s State Capitol. It was really beautiful, though.


Inside the Capitol. It was beautiful! I was a little obsessed with the dome everything.

Even though it’s not the highest point, they did have a spot that marked 1 mile above sea level! Awesome! And even though her dad called them Grandma shoes, I loved Sarah’s Merrills! Much cuter than mine, that’s for sure! I should also say that this trip gave me a renewed confidence in the bang. Really, it’s been too hot here in the South and my forehead constantly sweats and they just stick to it. It’s heinous. But no humidity=awesome hair! Good thing it was Fall when we got back to Georgia!

Laughing because we spend too much time with boys that have dirty minds and have warped us. It does make life more enjoyable, though, I must admit.

Holy crap that’s enough pictures for an entire blog and we haven’t even had lunch yet. Fortunately, the pics slow down some now.

After we left the Capitol, we headed up to Red Rocks Amphitheatre, which was GORGEOUS!!! Seriously, I would totally fly back out there just to see a band that I loved! Hmmm, maybe an addition for the bucket list! Here is our ride for the weekend- Cheyenne the mini-van!! Basically she got this name because 1.) Reba and 2.) in Starkville, I said that Cheyenne was in Texas and have been picked on about it ever since. Hey, Reba was set in Texas!

One of the best things we saw all trip was these guys in the Army re-enlisting. It was so neat to see and such an honor to be a part of. And what a beautiful place to do it!

After Red Rocks, we headed up the mountain to Look-Out Mountain. I won’t lie. It was a little disappointing. You couldn’t really see anything because of all the trees. We had to hike down and while I love my Rainbows like they’re my own child, they’re not exactly practical mountain climbing shoes.

For me, the best part of us deciding to go to Lookout Mountain was that Buffalo Bill’s grave was just down the road! Awesome! We thought it was especially funny that people threw money on his grave, like it was a wishing well or something!

Loved these hats in the gift shop. If I could have fit the 2nd one in my carry-on, I would have totally bought it. Halloween costume!

After passing on the hats, we drove down the curviest road ever to get to the place that had been calling our name all day week month. We also saw a TON of bikers going up that mountain. Let me tell you, I have no desire to EVER do that, but I definitely have a lot of respect for those that do.

At the brewery! Which was totally free, by the way, even down to self-guided tour headsets and beer at the end. We learned about the beer (not that I retained very much of it) and even drank some that had never left the brewery! I told Sarah and Jamie if I lived in that town, I’d go there every day.

Friday night, Jamie wasn’t feeling well, so after another pineapple pizza at Old Chicago (SO GOOD!!), we took her back to the hotel and then Sarah and I drove around Boulder and got to know the campus. We missed Jamie, but we had a great time just talking and hanging out together. Even though we spend A LOT of time together, we’re rarely alone and have time to have good talks. Usually it’s about the next football game! Sometimes, when we’re together I just sit back and revel how much alike we are. We are different enough to keep it interesting, though! We had some good “heart talks” and it was just what I needed. God continues to amaze me with His perfect timing with everything, right down to the smallest detail. God had been working on my heart on some things right before we left and they all got hammered out this weekend. He is so faithful!

We finally met up with Alec and Mikey after they got off the plane and Team Shreve headed out to do what we do best: shreve. Unfortunately, the bars close at 2 and we got there a little after 1:30. No problem right? Well, if we were in Athens. But in Boulder, last call is at 1:30 and the bar is totally shut down at 2. But after sweet-talking the bartender, we got a drink. Sometimes, I milk this southern accent for all it’s worth. ;)

Unfortunately, we didn’t take any pictures of Team Shreve Friday night. And see the previous post if you want to see how well it turned out Saturday when we tried.

On Saturday, we loaded up Cheyenne for the last time and headed back to Boulder for the Largest UGA Tailgate West of the Mississippi. It was fun, cheap, and easy (like me! lol not!), but the food wasn’t all that great. But the beer was unlimited even if the Port-a-Potties weren’t and we had a great time! I got to see a sorority sister, Mary, and her new husband, which was great! I’m sad we didn’t get a picture, though.

Their stadium was super-tiny and had a really weird shape. We were in the endzone, right next to where the Georgia players ran out, which was cool. I was also disappointed in their lack of mountain view. I mean, hello. You’re in the middle of the Rocky Mountains. You would think they’d maximize that. Also, 5 points if you can find Sarah in the 2nd picture.

Our 1-win status has greatly increased my use of inappropriate hand gestures.

Well, the good news: we actually LED in this game!

The bad news: we have a tendency to fumble during crucial moments. Sad day. Ah, well. It was a great trip, if it wasn’t for that and how rude the Colorado fans were. Even their bike cops were rude to us! I was really glad to wake up in Atlanta on Sunday morning.

But I have been avoiding the blogs all week. I have no desire to read how Richt should be fired. I still stand by what I said after last week’s game. Sarah started asking everyone around us who they would hire. That shut them up pretty fast. :)

Try again next week, Dawgs? I HATE Tennessee.


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