Perfect Day- Hoku

Well, technically, it was thisclose to being a perfect weekend, but Bama and the Braves had to go and screw it up for us. But I’ll get back to that later.


41-14, baby! It felt sooo good! After the game, we just sat there and reveled in the win. The weather was perfect (mostly because we were in the shade the whole game), the friends were perfect, the football was almost perfect.

I thought the Dawgs played well, especially compared to how they’ve played the last several weeks. I keep being impressed with Aaron Murray- he seems to be getting smarter and just improving all around and in every way. I was extra impressed with that TD run when he snuck the ball on the other side of the piland (is that what it’s called?). Smart! Now if we could just get the rest of his team on the board every game, too, maybe we could have another “Eternal Shooting Star” on our hands. Except this time, he’d actually be a good guy and I would like him. ;)

But all around, we looked much improved. Now this could partially be because Tennessee is terrible, but we played the entire 60 minutes, which is not something we’ve been able to say lately. We also had some luck fall into our laps, but I believe you create your own luck. Also, we capitalized on it, instead of just handing it back to the other team, as we usually do.

Anyway. Friday night I headed up to Athens and met up with Rachel and Morgan and some of their friends from camp. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures with them. I did meet up with Jami, Claire, Mardis, and Jessica at The Capitol Room to watch the Braves win, though!

After getting home waaaaay too late Friday, I got up not-very-early and headed to Peaser’s tailgate. It had been waaaaay too long since I’ve seen her and her fam. This is why I love them: I had planned on just drinking beer since it’s easier, even though I’ve had a bloody mary before every game. Well, as soon as I got to their tailgate, a bloody mary was in my hand! Delish!

And then WE WON THE GAME!!!!!! Seriously, we played awesome! If we had played that way all season, we may be looking at a record different than 2-4.

Yep, 2! We’ve been waiting on this for a while!

We crammed 8 people into my 2 seats. Repeat of last year, yes please. Minus the sun and plus the better view. Life is better with awesome people in it.

And last, but certainly not least, Team Shreve successfully got a picture. Props, team.

Of course, if the Tide could have pulled out a win over the Ole Ball Coach, it would have been AWESOME. Let’s just say somebody smarter than me (Tony Barnhart, I think) figured out a way the Dawgs could still go to the SEC Championship (improbable, yes, but not impossible) but I just don’t see how they won’t let USC go since they beat the #1 team in the country. Bama just had their worst day and the Cocks had their best. Ah, well. Such is life in the SEC. And I wouldn’t have it any other way! Florida lost, if only because Les Miles is one lucky SOB. But as a die-hard Georgia fan/Florida hater, I’ll take it.

Sunday, I spent the day in my pajamas. I was exhausted from goinggoinggoing for almost 3 straight weeks and fighting a cold. So I sat on my butt and watched the Falcons win and the Braves lose. Boo.

“We felt we’ve been knocking on the door for four games. We felt we had opportunities. If we changed ten plays in the last four games we could be undefeated right now. So we’ve been knocking on the door. (On Saturday) we finally kicked it in. -Aaron Murray


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