Gearing up for basketball season!

It’s already 5, Caleb King is out for 2 games (although I’m starting to think I should be grateful he wasn’t kicked off the team altogether), and it doesn’t look like I’m getting a run in today. Maybe this 8k on Thanksgiving isn’t going to happen………

Ah, well.

Last night, Coach Mark Fox, the boys’ basketball coach came and spoke to the Lake Oconee Bulldog Club. This is only his 2nd year as our basketball coach and where this team was before he came to where it is now is A-mazing. So it was neat to meet him and hear some things that he’s doing with the program to help make it better.

Plus, I told him that I was friends with Burles and he said, “Oh, yeah! She was a great worker for us. She’s out in Utah now.” And I told him, “I know. I went with her!!”

I LOVE basketball season! I’m not sure I would say I love basketball more than football, or even as much, but I probably would if I had gone to a college where basketball was a bigger deal. But I can definitely say that I “get” basketball more than football, only because I played it for 8+ years. So I’m super glad that Coach Fox is making basketball at The University of Georgia something to cheer about again!

I also really liked his sweater vest. :)


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