Superstition- Stevie Wonder

I won’t lie. I’m a really superstitious person. Especially when it comes to my Dawgs. In fact, at Colorado, Sarah told me I was the most superstitious person she knew. I can’t help it. There are some things that I just do every Saturday in the fall no matter what.

This especially applies to my clothing choices and the people I sit next to at the games. Ever since the Tennessee game our sophomore year (which we lost, btw), Kathleen and I still won’t sit next to each other at a game and it did seem like the Dawgs were more successful last year when Sarah and I were separated by a few people. But the Tennessee game this year seems to have fixed that problem.

This season has been a lot of trial and error for me, obviously.

WARNING: Y’all might will think I’m CRAY-CRAY after this. If you didn’t already….

I always wear this shirt for the South Carolina game, but I guess I actually have to be there for it to work.

Coming back from Mississippi, I thought it was because the only game I had freshly painted nails for was LA-Lafayette. I didn’t realize my team cared so much about my manicure, but if they did, then so would I. So I tested that theory during Colorado, but obviously, it didn’t work.

I always also wear my red Teva flip-flops when it’s warm enough, but this may be a fashion choice, rather than a superstition one.

This maybe TMI, but since I’m over being PC on the ole blog here, skip this paragraph if you don’t want to know. Since freshman year, I’ve always worn red underwear to the games. (Unless I was wearing a white dress, obvi.) Well, I didn’t this year to LA-L so I thought the streak was broken. I forgot that LA-L was a cheer leading squad and technically didn’t count. I wore them for Tennessee. And will be continuing to do so for the rest of the year. (They’ll be clean, though. Don’t worry.)

I also always wear a red ring. Well, I didn’t for Tennessee, just my class ring. So no more red ring for me this season.

But, the most important change that I think I made was my facebook profile picture. Yes, it’s true. I’m not actually friends with anyone currently on the team, but still. Before the season started, it was me and Coach Richt.

Then after NASCAR, I changed it to me, Sarah, and Mich at the race. Bad move, especially considering most of our team probably has never been to a race. Or will ever go to one, considering the number of Confederate flags in the vicinity.

Well, I caught on sometime last week and changed it to me and Sarah from Buffalo Bill’s grave.

Then we routed Tennessee 41-14. And all was right in the world.

“My only feeling about superstition is that it’s unlucky to be behind at the end of the game.” -Duffy Daugherty


2 Comments on “Superstition- Stevie Wonder”

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