Bruce: Undefeated and Unscored Upon

Last week’s game post title was a little premature. Yesterday was the perfect day! The Dawgs won, South Carolina lost, and Florida lost. To Mississippi State. I don’t feel quite as bad losing to Mississippi State anymore.

I told Sarah last night that I don’t know if I’m more passionate about Georgia winning or Florida losing. But she assured me that I only hate Florida because I love Georgia. Wisdom, my friends.

It was Homecoming, Iz came with me to the game, and Big Bad Bruce was unveiled as the new Uga. Undefeated and unscored upon. Nice.

My Dawgs played great. Aaron Murray continues to impress and as The Senator pointed out, Kris Durham played so well that you didn’t even notice A.J. Green didn’t have a catch until the 2nd quarter. And the defense? Yes, they held Vanderbilt scoreless. But more than that, they didn’t allow Vandy into the red zone. Whoop!! That didn’t even happen against Louisiana-Lafayette.

As bad of a mood as I was in after losing to South Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi State, and Colorado, that’s how good of a mood I’ve been in these past 2 weeks. I just can’t quit smiling.

I love the old cheerleaders. Especially that little old man. Such a pimp.

Our first real-life glimpse of Big Bad Bruce!

Check out the media circus around Uga VIII.

Me and Iz. SO glad she got to come to the game with me!

I love this place.


Loved being able to sit with these girls! Hate this angle, though.

Loved being able to do this even more!

Then we came home and watch Kentucky beat S. Carolina and Mississippi State beat Florida and Auburn and Arkansas run up a super high score.

Now I’m kind of worried about Kentucky, but I think we should be okay. And now, we’re only .5 games out of being #1 in the East! Crazy!!!!!! Man, I just love the SEC. It’s a good story every week.

“Homecoming means football, floats, and fun.” -Anon.

And easy wins, too.


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