Sic ‘Em On a Pickle

No, that blog title is not dirty. It sounds dirty, but it’s not meant to be.

I don’t think. Eh, who knows?

Anyway, I digress.

Well, Dawg fans, here we are. We beat Kentucky and are now 4-4. It started out a great game, but the end was a little messy. I think that’s just because our defense basically played the entire first half. Sarah thought we are lucky and our luck is running out. I’m not sure. I think we create our luck. But today I started feeling like these past 3 weekends have been too good and they can’t last. Seriously, each has been better than the last.

I’m totally THAT fan that thinks we’re going to lose, but then I’ll get my hopes up and imagine us winning and the excitement that will come with it. And then I’ll get mad at myself for doing it and remember the deal Urban Meyer made with the Devil to mess with our minds.

ANYWAY. Back to Kentucky.

In all the ways that Boulder was a FAIL from Friday night on, Lexington was a resounding SUCCESS.

Sarah, Alec, and I left Atl and picked James up and headed to Lexington. Of course, we went straight to the bar as soon as we got in. (It was 1, the bars were closing soon. It’s legit.) We went to an awesome piano bar where we met up with Tara, Sarah’s friend we were staying with.

We woke up Saturday and watched GameDay before heading to Keeneland for the horse races! We met up with Sarah’s roommate Laura and her family and then went up to the box seats to see Cris, Marc and Miss Nancy. We watched the last race there where I won $59 and Sarah won $18!!!

Then it was time to go meet up with Mama, Daddy, Cheryl, and Peddy and do a little tailgating before the game!

Game time! Dang, that’s a lot of blue!

And we won!!! Hallelujah! And by the way, I majorly love that middle picture of us.

On the way home, we saw some beautiful leaves and stopped at Publix for lunch. Sarah and I decided we should have a picnic outside. The boys decided to put all of our trash in a plastic bag and kick it around. Great times, I’m sure. ;)

The Falcons won on our way home and then after dropping Sarah and Alec off, I headed to Powder Springs to see Peaser and eat dinner with her and Ross and her fam.

Basically, this weekend rocked.

“I’m excited about winning a game somewhere besides Athens. We’ve caught a good little bit of momentum now. We’re just playing hard and we’re playing with a lot more confidence right now.” -Mark Richt


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