Photography Class

For the past several weeks, Dad and I have been taking a photography class in Athens at UGA’s Continuing Ed center. I really enjoyed taking this class and I learned a LOT about my camera and how to really use it. I’ve read Pioneer Woman and This Is Reverb’s photography tutorial’s a million times, but truthfully, I needed to put them into practice.

For our last class, we had to show 5 of our favorite photographs and one had to be of “fast food.” Here are the pictures I showed and since I love back stories, I’m going to include those too. (I also feel like I should admit here that these have all gotten some help with Aperture, the Mac version of Photoshop. I used to not like photographers that used it too much, but I am now a believer. One day, I’ll show you what some of these pictures looked like before Aperture. You’ll be a believer, too.)

I took this picture at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Denver. I loved the woman running and the contrast of the red, blue and green. I also think the leader lines help it out, too.

If you’re not a Dawg fan, you will have no idea what this picture is. But if you are, then you know exactly what it is. Between the 3rd and 4th quarters at UGA games, the band plays Krypton and the entire stadium gets silent and waves their “4s.” This is Sarah and Alec’s friend Billy (and now my friend too) during the Vanderbilt game this season. I love that he is just a black outline and again, the contrast of the fans in red with the green field. I think this one might be my favorite out of all of them.

Every time I try to take a picture of H, she gives me this look like, “What the heck are you about to do with that huge black thing?” So I wanted to get a picture of her where you could see her chunky legs, but maybe without her face. This is how we sit most of the day- on the couch watching TV and on the porch waiting on Mama and Sissies to get home, so this is my view of her most of the time. I love how her little hands are clasped and that my jeans are outlining her. I wish I just hadn’t been too lazy to move that towel.

This is my interpretation of “fast food.” When I think fast food, I immediately think McDonald’s and drive-thru. I had this picture basically planned in my head before I took it. It’s not exactly how I wanted it, but I like it. I asked the lady in red if I could take her picture, and she said yes and got her friend to get in the picture with her. I initially just wanted one person, but I love their friendship, so I kept it. And Mama and I are big fans of the shine on her cheek.

Last, but not least, I took this picture this past weekend at Keeneland. As we were leaving, some of the jockeys were exercising their horses. I think the disdainful look the jockey is giving us is hilarious. I also think the horse looks especially impressive this large.


2 Comments on “Photography Class”

  1. Alec says:

    Those pics are awesome.

    Also awesome… “I think the horse looks equally impressive this large”

  2. Well done, girl! I think all five of the pictures are wonderful, but the “fours” is awesome. And I’m not even a dawg fan. Yet. (Cut me a little slack, I haven’t lived here long).

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