Stuff You Can Buy Me

I have a confession to make: I used to not like Martha Stewart. Yes, it’s true. Despite my inclination to all things domestic (other than cleaning), she was just waaaaay too much for me. But yesterday, I caught her show at 10 on the Hallmark Channel because that’s usually a lull for me in my morning shows since I’m not really a Doctors fan.

And I will tell you that I am now reformed. The recipe she featured seemed not very complicated and her craft was something I could easily do, although I wasn’t a huge fan of her “How To Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms” segment, because, well, GROSS.

But what really sent me over the edge was this sweater that is probably one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen!

Maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be freezing cold for the game tomorrow, but I just love it! Especially the fact that it comes in red! If you want to buy it for me for Christmas, it’s from Stella Neptune. Of course, I think the little squirrel is super cute too!

Speaking of squirrels, Kathleen tweeted/blogged this one the other day and now I’m DYING over it!

Again, if you need to buy me a Christmas present, head over to West Elm and get it for me! Bonus, it’s only $25 and $5 goes to St. Jude’s Hospital. That right there’s enough reason for me!


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