Potato Cupcakes and my first Falcons game

(Potato cupcake reference comes courtesy of Bernie. I’m just not that clever.)

Usually I feel like home games are a time where I can just go to the game and then I have all day Sunday to rest and just do nothing. Not this week.

After the Dawgs killed Idaho State, Sarah and I headed to Atlanta for the Falcons game on Sunday. But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of myself.

This week, Kathleen came up to Athens to come to the game with me. Always, once a year, there’s a game that just almost makes me want to cry it’s so boring. That was this game. Although the first quarter didn’t look so hot, the rest of the game was exhausting, just sitting there waiting for the clock to run out. But dang was it cold! We were in the shade the whole time and towards the end of the game, it was freezing over there! Fortunately, we brought some blankets in, otherwise I would have been VERY tempted to leave early!

Before the game, Michelle came and tailgated with us.

During halftime, they showcased the 1980 football team because it was their 30 year anniversary. It was awesome!

Me and little Kathleen.

Marialice and Charlie came and sat with us in the second half because everyone around us left and Charlie took this picture of us. Ma was freaking out about him using my camera, but I actually prefer this picture to the one above.

Dad made me take a picture of him and Mama and Lewis and Lewis’s stockbroker from New York City from the upper deck. She was hilarious.

I totally forgot to take a picture of the score, so here is Sarah’s shot of it. I’m still kinda pissed about those 7 points though.

5 wins! Alec doesn’t seem very happy about that, though. Rude.

After the game, Sarah and I headed back to Atlanta, but first we stopped at QT to get a drink and we saw Pease, Ross, and Miss Sharon! After we got back to Atlanta, Ryan and I went and had sushi and watched some football. Dang that sushi was good. I had been craving it all week.

Then on Sunday, after our extra hour of sleep(!!!!!), we went to the Falcons game! It was my first NFL game and it was awesome! One of my favorite parts was the Rise Up video featuring Samuel L. Jackson. I mean, how random?

There were some crazy Tampa Bay fans around us, too. This guy was turned around the whole time yelling, but my favorite was the guy sitting next to me wearing this shirt. I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen anyone in real life wearing that shirt.

We had to sit a few rows apart, which was totally fine. It’s so nice to sit in real seats that have back rests and cup holders. They should definitely put those in Sanford, in the non-student sections.

Of course, we can’t forget Sarah and her future hubby. He’s going to have so much fun caravaning across the country in RVs with us!

Unfortunately, I failed once again at getting a picture of the scoreboard, but the final was 27-21, Cones victorious.

And of course, the customary group shot after the game.

I really am so tired and don’t have any clever way to wrap this up, except to say it was a great weekend full of my 3 favorite words that start with f (Not THAT one!!!): Football, Friends, and Food!

And tomorrow we’re headed to the Plains to take on Auburn. We’re probably going to get our asses kicked. Oh well. Cam Newton’s going to win the Heisman, Auburn’s going to win the National Championship and then it’s all going to be taken away because he took a bunch of money. Maybe.


3 Comments on “Potato Cupcakes and my first Falcons game”

  1. Tiffany says:

    Aww, so great! Makes me nostalgic for my college days. Enjoy them!
    Blessings, Tiffany

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