Cecil! Cecil!

(Cecil is Cam Newton’s father. The UGA fans around us started chanting his name during the game.)

Well, I’m going to be honest. I’m not that upset about the loss to Auburn. Yes, there were definitely some elements that upset me, but overall, I thought we were going to get blown out so when we were up 21-7 at the end of the 1st, I was ecstatic.

But the stupid mistakes and penalties were frustrating. Even more frustrating to me is the lack of discipline. I don’t know how many times during time-outs, I saw coaches yelling at the players to come huddle and the players just stood there. That is unacceptable. But at the end, I was so proud of my players for standing up for their quarterback. Auburn’s players were classless and unacceptable. I don’t understand how the penalties offset when 2 Auburn players were THROWN OUT OF THE GAME. And the most ridiculous part was Sunday morning when Sarah and I were watching SportsCenter, not one mention of the fight. Now if the fight had been our fault, it would have been all over everywhere.

And here I am getting mad all over again.

Sarah and I failed at getting pictures during the tailgate. But we had fun, although it’s still weird to tailgate for so long.

Before the game talking with God.

Team Shreve together again. I love both of these pictures of us.

What!!! Tied???

Excuse me?? Winning????

Excuse me???? 21-7?? Is this real life?

Disbelief and excitement. Although it looks a little more like terror. Haha! Which is fitting with the way things took a turn.

Because the only other pictures I took were of the sunset. Because the game wasn’t worth documenting.

Oh well. Georgia has won the last several years, and as many have said, I’d rather be a 5-6 Dawg than an 11-0 WarTiger. Now, I honestly have no problems with their fans. None of them were rude to us, but it’s the players that I have a problem with. It just makes me sad.

Well, I’m excited to have this weekend “off.” Even if I still have tons of stuff planned. Well, no rest for the weary. It will come when football is over. And even though this season has sucked, I will look forward to the next one. Because I love my Dawgs and am proud to call myself a fan.

And now I’m glad the bye-week is so late in the season so Aaron Murray will have an extra week to recover. Love that kid.


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