Turkey Day with the Reas

First, I have 2 things I have to get off my chest:

1. I really hope Dan Mullen doesn’t leave Mississippi State. I’m glad they’re having a good season, and I’m glad my Dawgs could help them out with that. (Okay, obviously not on that last part.)

2. As soon as I think I have my favorite Christmas song, I hear another one I remember I’m obsessed with. I’ve always loved Little Drummer Boy and O Holy Night. But right now I’m watching the CMA Christmas Special and Brad Paisley just sang What Child Is This and I remembered how much I love it too. I am such a decisive person that I HATE when I don’t have a favorite something.

Thanks for listening, y’all. I feel better.

Now back to your (not so) regularly scheduled blog post.

For my entire life, my family has spent Thanksgiving with my mom’s family and Christmas with my dad’s. I love it like that. I basically have 2 opposite families. My mom’s is HUGE (her dad has 9 brothers and sisters) and my dad’s is tiny (both of his parents were only children).

Thanksgiving is spent with 150 people, in a barn, specially built for us to eat in. There’s food and people every where you turn. After we eat, we take a group picture and every one just stands around and talks and plays football and go on hayrides.

I love my family.

“Thanksgiving is nothing if not a glad and reverent lifting of the hearts to God in honor and praise for His goodness.” -Robert Casper Lintner


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