Wreckin’ Tech

The day after Thanksgiving, we all decided to head to Athens to go out. The boys were going to a concert, so the girls decided we would go out and meet up with them after they got out. We headed to 8e’s since that’s Laura’s favorite place and we were the YOUNGEST people in there by about 20 years! Usually I feel so OLD when I go out in Athens, but not there!

And those are the only 2 pictures we took all night. Really, it’s embarrassing. But our excuse is we were watching Nevada beat Boise St. and really, that’s way more important than taking pictures.

On Saturday, the girls and I slept in while the guys woke up and set the tailgate up at 7, as usual. Sarah and I ran and got Chick-fil-A and Krispy Kreme and took our stuff to the tailgate. Seriously, this was the longest we tailgated all season! And it was cold. I was happy when it was time to go into the game!

Well, the Dawgs reigned victorious after about the sloppiest game ever. Really, Tech lost more than the Dawgs won. But that’s ok. I’ll take it. A win’s a win. Aaron Murray played an awesome game, but the defense looked terrible. But we’re bowl eligible! It was nice to see the student section actually full for once. And excited about a game! I was sad it was Kris Durham’s last game. I’ve loved him for a long time now. I’m glad he had a good season after missing last year for his shoulder. And lest I forget, Samuel L. Jackson was there. First the Falcons and now the Dawgs? Strange. But Rise UP!

Well Sanford, it’s been interesting this year. I’ll miss you. Memphis, here we come!


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