Something to Lose- Corey Smith

This weekend, I am staying in Greensboro (for the most part) and I am soooooo thankful! My car and I are both exhausted from traveling every weekend! Even though we only go a few hours to Atlanta, it still seems to be so tiring!

But this weekend, I had an extra special reason to go and got to do a few other fun things too!

Saturday, Jami, Pease, and I went to the sorority’s alumni Christmas luncheon. It was great to see Jami because I haven’t talked to her in a while and to meet some older girls that I hadn’t met! The current President of the Alumni Chapter is the girl who was President of the sorority when I was pledging and was initiated. I haven’t seen her in so long and she’s the tiniest little thing! I told her I didn’t remember her being so little, because she was so intimidating when we were Freshmen! We had lunch at Pappadeux’s and it was awesome! Even though I was way too busy talking to eat much!

After lunch, Ryan and I went to the SEC Championship! Honestly, I felt a little bad going because I know there are Auburn and South Carolina fans that would have given up their first born to go. But I’m not going to turn down free tickets to a suite. :) We had a great time, even though we hoped that the game would have been closer and the fact that the suite was filled with Auburn fans. We left with about 2 minutes left in the game because I didn’t want to see Cam Newton up there directing the band. So we missed them carrying him off the field. We were both really sad to find that out. He really is such an upstanding young man. (Seriously, where is that sarcasm font when you need it???)

Sunday was the real reason I was in Atlanta! All of Pease’s bridesmaids went and bought our bridesmaid’s dresses together! We went to lunch at Flip Burger, which was soooooooo good. I had the turkey burger and the Nutella and burnt marshmellow milkshake and it was A-MAZING! I’m craving it right now, actually. After lunch, we ordered our dresses, which took all of 30 minutes. I’m so glad we’ve done it and it’s out of the way, although when we get them in, it’s going to feel so real! After that, one of Brittany’s bridesmaids, Whitney, started trying on dresses for her wedding in June. Claire and I stayed and watched, even though we had just met Whitney that day. But the best part was, she bought her dress! And it was one that I had chosen for her! When she finally decided it was the one, we all screamed and started clapping. It was so funny and exciting! Katy, another bridesmaid, lives down the street and said she was going to come back just to watch people try dresses on, because how can you be sad when people are trying on wedding dresses?


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