Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for a while and leave footprints on our hearts and we are never the same.

How’s that for the sappiest quote of all time? But really, some people aren’t in our lives for very long and they make more of an impact than people we’ve known for years.

I’ve been thinking about Michael Warren a lot lately. I’m not even a good person to really talk about him because honestly, I only hung out with him a handful of times. But I remember pretty clearly every time. And yes, he had that much of an impact on me.

Michael Warren was friends/roommates with Sarah, Alec, Billy, Daynes, etc. On his way back to Athens on New Years’ Eve last year, he was in a car accident on Hwy. 15 between Greensboro and Athens where he was killed. He was on his way to meet up with them and I was with Michelle and Callan and going to meet up with all of them later. In fact, I had gone over to Alec and Billy and Michael’s house before to watch some of the bowl games that day. Sarah called me when I was in J.R.’s to let me know about the accident and that they were going home. Truly, after that, I didn’t really want to be out either. I just kept looking at all of the drunk people around me, thinking one of the best people I ever knew just died. So chill out if the person in front of you doesn’t use the bathroom as quickly as you’d like. It’s way down on the list of Important Things.

One of the conversations Michael and I had was about cameras. He had a Nikon and I knew I wanted one for graduation so we talked about his and how he liked it. He offered to take me out and use it one day so I could see if I liked it. But because I’m cynical, I though, yeah, right, whatever.

3 months later, we were at his memorial service.

I should have said yes. I shouldn’t have cared that this was some kid that I had only met a few times. I should have embraced the opportunity to get to know him better. I often wonder why I didn’t.

But now, I’m determined to say yes more. To get to know my people better and the people around me.

Sarah and I talked about Michael when we were in Colorado. About how he wouldn’t want us to sit around, being sad that he’s not with us anymore. That he would want us to experience life, because that’s what life is about- the experiences you have and the people you have them with and loving Jesus by loving them.

Micheal was one of those rare people that truly LIVED life. He didn’t just sit idly by, observing. I hope that, at the end of my life, the same can be said about me.


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