1200 miles later……..

This past weekend was SOOOOOOOOO CRAZY-GOOD I’m not even sure I can begin to describe it. But I’m going to try really hard.

We left late on Thursday, both in bad moods, honestly. I left Greensboro later than I wanted to, traffic was a nightmare, and I missed my turn, plus the fact that all of this put me in a bad mood made me even madder because there was no reason for me to be in a bad mood and Ryan had some work stuff that was frustrating.

But it was nothing dinner at Chick-fil-A and a lemonade and Arnold Palmer couldn’t fix! And we were off!

We got to Ryan’s uncle’s late on Thursday. Friday morning, we woke up early to go eat breakfast at the Pancake Pantry with Kristin Mardis. I knew it had to be good when we got there and the line was out the door and the temps were in the teens. It was soooo cold! But we braved it and it was totally worth it! I had the pancakes with raspberry goodness on them and homemade whipped cream. Oh, I could eat those every day for the rest of my life!

After breakfast, we headed to the Opryland Hotel to see their Ice exhibit and all of their other Christmas stuff. But at $24/each, we decided to skip the Ice exhibit and just walked around the hotel. It was awesome because it felt like you were outside, but it was warm!

We then headed to Centennial Park to see the weirdest landmark in Nashville, the Parthenon, and to eat a late lunch with Ryan’s uncle at Rotier’s.

Then, it was time for GARTH!!!!!!!! These are our excited faces!

We had AWESOME seats! Literally about 30 rows back!

Gotta get a good one of my new shirt! Ha!

And then it was time for GAAAAARTH!!!!!!!!!

(I didn’t take my good camera in, so all of these pictures are terrible.)

And then, during “In Another’s Eyes,” Trisha came out!!!! (These pictures are really so bad, it’s embarrassing.)

Trisha sang “She’s In Love With The Boy” and “How Do I Live.”

This show is really something I thought I would never see. He stopped touring right around the time I wanted to go see him. And then I thought it would be so expensive that there was no way I’d want to spend that kind of money and it would be really far away. But his show was amazing and he NEVER stopped running around the stage. I don’t think I know anyone that doesn’t love his music. And he’s just the greatest guy! You seriously feel like he could be your best friend when he’s on stage talking to you. The musicians were fantastic and his back-up singers were good enough to be headliners. And of course, the fans were all SO into it! Why wouldn’t they be? Their best friend is on stage!

Ryan, who has been to A LOT of concerts, kept saying, “This is the best concert I’ve ever been to!” Of course, he was saying the same thing six weeks ago about Mumford and Sons. But this time, I think he’s right.

Saturday morning, we got up early and left for Raleigh for the Arizona/NC State basketball game on Sunday. I seriously slept the whole morning. It was great! I love sleeping in the car. I woke up in time for lunch and to see the snow while we were driving into Raleigh.

Ryan’s dad and brother drove down from Virginia for the game and we had dinner with them on Saturday night. I stayed with my great-Aunt Virginia that night and she made me breakfast Sunday morning. Her youngest son and his family came over and had lunch with her and it was great to see them and visit for a little while.

For lunch, Ryan, his dad, brother, and I went to The Pit in downtown Raleigh, as recommended by some of my family and it was GREAT!! We all loved it! After that, we headed to the basketball game, which Arizona won! It was a good game and they played well.

I failed at getting a picture of all of us at the game, so had to make do with this one of Ryan and me in the car before we left to drive home.

Seriously, I know I say this too much, but I had the best weekend! Everything I enjoy, not one thing I don’t. How often do you get to say that??


2 Comments on “1200 miles later……..”

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