Walking in Memphis- Marc Cohn

(I know. Most cliche title for a post about Memphis EVER. But I had to. And I’m trying really hard not to insert song lyrics all through out this post.)

Ryan and I left a day before everyone else so that we could do something that I have dreamed about for years- go see GRACELAND!!!!! If I had gone to Memphis and not seen Graceland, I would have never forgiven myself. So while everyone else was driving up, we were down in the jungle room. (Okay, that’s all.)

We decided to go at 9:30 so we could be done in time for everyone else to get there. The parking lot was fairly empty and I said something about not many people being there. Ryan laughed at me because there was a line to get on the bus to cross the street. But when we left, the parking lot was completely full and there was a line out the door just to get your tickets!

The house was built in the ’20s on land a girl got from her great-aunt as a wedding gift. And as a tribute, she named the house for her Aunt Grace. Elvis bought the house at age 21 and he liked the name so much, he kept it.

(All of these pictures aren’t very good because I couldn’t use a flash.)

This is the living room with the music room through the door at the end. On the right side of the room is a couch that is 15′ long.

I thought this light fixture in the hall on the way to his parents’ bedroom was neat. Even though one of the bulbs was burned out. haha

I really like the white room with the dark purple that was in his parents’ room. And the bathroom is adorable! (I’m really starting to wonder what is says about me that I actually like some of the decorating in this house. Well, at least these front rooms.)

The dining room. Kinda boring. But I did like this picture of Priscilla and Lisa Marie. I wonder if it was still up after they divorced.

The kitchen. Someone was literally in there 24 hours a day to make sure there was food. Elvis was a notorious night owl.

Off the kitchen is the infamous jungle room, but I’ll come back to that later. Next we went downstairs to the basement to see the media room. There are 3 tvs down there because Elvis heard President Lyndon Johnson liked to watch all 3 major news stations at once. The lighting bolt over the couch is a symbol that he liked to use. Priscilla drew it for him when he was trying to come up with something for “taking care of business.” She drew it in the airplane after she saw lighting in the sky.

The billiards room was my favorite room in the house. Obviously, I would never decorate a room like this. Only Elvis could have this room in his house. And I’m glad he did.

And now, time for the infamous jungle room!! (This room was really dark and I had to lighten it a lot on the computer. Also, those vacuum lines are super impressive!)

That’s all of the house we saw. The upstairs is closed out of respect for Elvis’s memory. These are just a few other random things we saw.

Elvis and Priscilla’s wedding clothes.

The pool with the meditation gardens behind it.

The meditation garden with all of the graves.


Elvis rented this nativity scene during his life and after he died, Priscilla bought it.

The planes! The planes!

We got to see the car museum. Of course there’s the famous pink Caddy!

Afterwards, we went to lunch with Bev and Sonny and then we all watched the parade while we waited on everyone else to get there. It was… interesting.

After everyone else came and met us, it was time to go to the Peabody to see the ducks! Sarah was very excited.

After that, we had dinner at Rendezvous, which was as good as advertised. Then we headed out to the Rum Boogie Cafe and danced for a while before heading back to the hotel to get a good nights sleep for the ass-whooping we would receive the next day.



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