The most humiliating loss in my 23 3/4 years of being a Bulldawg

I’ll be honest. My first instinct is to laugh. I look back at those terrible losses to South Carolina, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Colorado, etc and just laugh at myself. Oh, how hindsight is 20/20!!

I just can’t believe how terrible we played. Or didn’t play. At all. Aaron Murray looked like he was playing his 2nd game, not his 13th, A.J. Green dropped passes that he would NEVER drop, linemen missing assignments, I could go on and on. All the other blogs have covered those extensively. But for me, these aren’t the problem. They are a problem, but they aren’t THE problem. They are simply are result of the problem.

My problem is, there is no TEAM. Football is not an individual sport. It’s about 11 guys working together. If they want to play an individual sport, take up golf. Seriously, these guys need to spend the off-season doing team building ropes courses. Tied up like the Mighty Ducks and forced to run around. I’m not kidding. There is no respect for the team, each other, their coaches. And as a result, no one respects them.

It’s painful to cheer for this team. I could stand losing if I thought we were playing our hardest and were just genuinely not as good as the other team. But that’s not the case. At all.

I think Stephen from Battle Hymn Notes sums it up the best.

Oh well. Here are the few pictures we took.

We should have known what we were in for when half the team walked on the field.

Well, it’s over with. That’s the best part about playing on New Year’s Eve- new year, new start.


2 Comments on “The most humiliating loss in my 23 3/4 years of being a Bulldawg”

  1. sgsowell says:

    Hi, thanks for the link to Battle Hymn Notes. My name is Stephen and I write the blog with Hace. I wrote the post you linked, but Hace has written most of our posts overall. Thanks again for the link and happy new year!

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      Sorry Stephen! Got it fixed. I know Hace through Sally and although I know there are 2 of you that write the blog, I didn’t know your name. Thanks for such an accurate portrayal of what the problems are with our Dawgs.

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