It’s been a while since I posted the last group of books I read. I’ve been a little, ahem, occupied at night lately. ;)

The Anne of Green Gables series has long been my favorite. (Hello, I’m naming my first daughter after Anne.) My first 3 are faded and worn– loved. I convinced Sarah she needed to read them if she was going to Prince Edward Island, home of Anne Shirley. Of course, she fell head-over-heels also. When she was reading them, I realized I had never read the last 3 of the series, so I borrowed hers and of course decided that I had to start at the beginning.

I fell in love all over again.

Yes, I cropped out the Chicken Soup books. I should get rid of them, but they are basically my middle school diary. I just can’t do it.

I can’t wait to read these books to MY Anne-girl.

Okay, and here is a resolution and a confession I am making. Not a New Year’s, just a resolution. And probably not really a confession, just a truth.

I lovelovelove to re-read books. (See: above.) To me, there’s nothing more comforting that curling up with a book you’ve read time and time again. You know it and it knows you. I also lovelovelove to borrow books. I currently have at least 5 beside my bed that have not even been opened that I am quite sure their owners would like to have back.

So, I am not re-reading a single book until I have read all of the borrowed books that I have. Because nothing bugs me more than when someone borrows a book and doesn’t return it. I am still holding a grudge against the girl on my hall freshman year that borrowed my Secret Life of Bees and never gave it back.

Further more, I will try to make a dent in some of the books I have bought and not read yet since I have recently returned from Goodwill with 5 more books. For $1.50 each OR LESS. I swear I will never pay full price for a book again. I get such a high from it.




2 Comments on “Anne-girl”

  1. I look forward to the time when I can call your daughter Anne girl and you will call me Mrs. Dr. dear! Then, we’ll go summer at my house in PEI.

    And our Goodwill books make me want to never go to Barnes and Noble again!

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      That sounds like heaven! And I totally agree. The thought of paying full price for a book now makes my stomach hurt.

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