Snow Day 2011

Last snow day, I was a party pooper and didn’t get out in the snow. So today, I decided that since I was stuck at home, I wasn’t going to sit on the computer and watch tv, I was going to read, get out in the snow and bake! And I did!

Gretta HATES being cold. And all the snow had a layer of ice on top of it, she couldn’t even break through it!

I’m so glad I spent the $20 on these Wal-mart boots!

I love this little angel in my parents yard. Especially when she’s covered with snow!

Daddy and I went for a walk.

This is the hill beside our house. There is not enough money in the world for me to go out driving in this mess!

Our house in the snow.

We went and walked around downtown.

When we were walking home, these guys got stuck at the stop sign. Hahaha! They didn’t seem to mind that I took a picture.

I lovelovelove this!

Then I decided to make chocolate chip cookies! Just the classic Toll House recipe. So good!

And now we’re settling in to watch the BCS Championship. Dad and I are cheering for Oregon, Mom’s cheering for Auburn. Duck fans get the fireplace! #Dawgs4Ducks!


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