Snow Day Ramblings

Sigh. So after being productive Monday (yes, I including leaving the house and baking cookies in being productive), I did absolutely NOTHING yesterday and very little today. I have gotten 2 of the books I borrowed read, so that’s good progress. I’m about to start another one tonight.

I did actually leave the house today, but just to take a piece of artwork I had framed back. It was wavy and looked bad, but they’re going to fix it, so no worries.

So now I’m watching a rerun of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover and thinking about recovering a lampshade. But, like everything in my life, I’m making it a lot harder than it should be.

I’m sooooo excited about the iPhone coming to Verizon. I have been holding out and waiting for it for so long, and my patience has finally paid off!

And I just found out that there is no school again tomorrow. I really want/need to tackle my room. Unfortunately, I only ever get this desire around bedtime.

Since I hate not having a picture, here is one of Sarah I found. She eats a banana everyday and found this one in her purse when we were downtown the night before the Tech game.


I think I may be going crazy stuck in this house.


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