Bucket List

So I’ve had my bucket list up for a while. Here are some things I’m planning on crossing off this year.

1. Visit Ole Miss for the Georgia/Ole Miss game. I will then only have 3 stadiums to go! Although I’m a little perturbed because Georgia played at Arkansas and LSU recently and I didn’t get on board and go. Oh, well.

2. Read the Bible in a year. I got a Bible for Christmas that splits each day into different readings. I’d like to do this 15 times in my lifetime, so this is a good start! (I’ve done pretty good with keeping up with it so far, too!)

3. Run an ENTIRE 5k. I ran part of one last year, so hopefully I can run a full one this year. Preferably in March? Maybe??? I’d actually like to do several of these during the year.

4. Learn to quilt. My mom is going to start teaching me soon. I’m SO excited to learn! We went and bought fabric for the one I’m starting, and I found other fabric I loved on sale, so I went ahead and bought fabric for my next quilt, too! I smell an addiction coming on!

5. Read 7 books on my book list. I think this is an achievable number. Less than one a month, which is what I’d like to do, but honestly, some of those books are a little hard to get through. Plus, I have about 30 other ones I need to read that I bought at Goodwill and aren’t on the list.

I did pretty good this past year with visiting several new states (driving to Utah definitely helped with that!!), visiting Graceland, walking under the Arch, and taking my photography class.

I’m sure there are several other things I will do this year that I’m not even expecting. I think I might also like to add a few more things that are more achievable now, instead of having to wait several years until I get married, have a higher paying job, etc.

Anything on your bucket list? I’m always looking for ideas!


One Comment on “Bucket List”

  1. I love that you broke down your bucket list into something more manageable. Mine is over 200 items long and just seems overwhelming at times! I hope to accomplish running a 5k this year too!
    Best wishes on your adventures.

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