Back to Atlanta I go!

I headed back to Atlanta this weekend for Billy’s birthday. The boys had been itching to have a party, so they did! I got called out on not taking many pictures lately, so I took a grand total of 1. And it’s a doozy.

All of the people in green:

Saturday morning, Ryan wanted to go play basketball, so we did. It was fun, except I was reminded of how much I sucked.

Then we went to the Georgia game. And they kicked butt. It was fabulous!!


With a gorilla??

We won!!

After the game, we had to make haste back to the Atl for the Arizona basketball game. So of course, Ryan drove like Snooki. Funniest. Thing. Ever. Arizona won, although it was just a tad stressful to watch.

Sunday, I had my first experience at Chipotle and we went and watched Ryan’s roommate’s sister dance. Alas, no pictures. But it was still awesome! (Do I say that word too much???)


One Comment on “Back to Atlanta I go!”

  1. daynes mackey says:

    No such thing as saying awesome too much.

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