I Like Too Much Stuff

I have a problem. (Actually I have several, but we’re just going to focus on this one today.) Every year, as soon as it “warms up,” I freak out and start wearing flip-flops and shorts waaaaaay before it’s actually time. So 2 weekends ago, when it was 50 degrees instead of 15, I went crazy and didn’t wear my long johns OR socks. It was stupid. I was still cold. But in honor of it being almost SIXTY this past weekend, here is some summer stuff I like.

Loving this dress from Express. With lots of wedding stuff going on this spring, I’m thinking it may be a purchase.

I have a skirt similar to this one. I should really get it out and wear it.

I think this top is FABULOUS!! Perfect to wear to the G-Day game!

This is one of my favorite kinds of shirts for the summer. Casual, easy to throw on, but definitely a step up from my white Hanes Ts.

I have some crazy-horrible feet. Small, skinny, the works. I have a really hard time finding shoes. This is probably a good thing, otherwise I would probably own a LOT more pairs. All that to say, my “dressier” black sandals (basically any shoes other than my rainbows) are kinda falling apart. These would totally work for me, except I don’t really like them in the black.

Obsessed with this cardigan. So great for spring.

I would seriously harm someone to own this ring. I. Die.

Since I’m growing my hair out, I’m also looking for some new hairstyles.

Okay, well this took a slight tangent from where I started, so I’m going to stop now. I can’t believe it’s already February!


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