Weekend Update

This weekend ended up being a little more low-key than I thought it would. And I took a grand total of zero pictures. I’m really falling down on the picture taking. So here are a few things that happened.

I was supposed to go downtown in Athens, but it was raining and I’m old so I stayed in with Rachel and we stalked people on Facebook. (Am I allowed to admit that?) I also had 2 margaritas and a beer and woke up with a headache (a.k.a. slightly hungover.) Whoa, lightweight!

For the past like 7 times we’ve been in Athens (maybe more), Ryan and I have been trying to go to Utage, but for one reason or another haven’t been able to. So we thought Saturday we would be golden. Yeah, they’re not open for lunch on Saturday. So we had 5 Star Day instead and it was AMAZING!!

Georgia’s boys won their basketball game against Auburn in OT. Auburn is terrible, so a loss to them would have been bad news for the Dawgs! We’re so glad they won!

Arizona also won in triple OT. We thought it was over, so Ryan put his phone away and then we saw they were in OT on the scrolling thing on ESPN. It was an anxious few minutes there.

Sunday morning, Ryan woke up with a fever and just not feeling good. He felt better that afternoon, but I really am hoping my iron-clad immune system doesn’t fail me now!

We went to a restaurant in out at the lake to watch the Super Bowl. Honestly, I was really bored the whole time. My favorite part was Lea Michele singing ‘America.’ Xtina was terrible with the National Anthem and the halftime show was just ok. I’m not really a BEP fan, though. Not enough for them to do the Super Bowl halftime show, anyway. And I couldn’t hear any of the commercials because there were so many people talking. There was a little bit of excitement at the end because someone sprayed mace in the restaurant. Seriously?? It was sooooo bad! The whole restaurant was coughing and it felt like little tobacco flakes were in my throat. I’m really glad the game was almost over because we would have had to leave otherwise.

Glee afterwards was AWESOME!!!! If you haven’t seen it and want to, I won’t give it away, but there was something that happened at the end that I’m not sure how I feel about it. We’ll see how it goes.

And now, for the most exciting thing that’s happened to me in a while. Today, I finally joined the ’10s!! (Is that what you call them?) I, Sloan Rhodes, have an iPhone!!!!!

(It already looks really smudged in that picture. That’s going to make me crazy.)

I have LOOOOOOVED my old phone. In fact, the first one I had like it got dumped in a coke and I was almost eligible for an upgrade then, but I decided to just get the same one. So I’m a little sad about it, I won’t lie. But I’m sure in a few months hours, I won’t really care.

Oh, and for all of you who were just simply dying to know, I decided to read Water for Elephants. I’m really excited to read it!


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