Oscars 2011 and Banana Pudding Milkshakes

I understand that there are big issues in the world right now. And that watching a lot of rich people recieve awards in pretty dresses is really petty and unimportant and that money could be sent to charity or something like that. But give me a break. I like it.

I haven’t really watched any other awards shows this “season.” But I just couldn’t miss the Oscars! I agree with what Whoopi said on The View today. People dress “safe” so they don’t get bashed. But there are still dresses that I like better than others.

Hailee Steinfeld. I didn’t see True Grit. But her clip was good and she was precious. I loveloveloved her headband! You know, every 14 year old has a 10 carat Fred Leighton headband. Very cute and age appropriate. I don’t think anyone disliked her look. I want this dress.

Nicole Kidman. Most people didn’t like this dress. But I did. It looked very old school Dior with the embroidery. I thought it was pretty and I liked her necklace. I’m not crazy about the red shoes though.

Cate Blanchett. Most people had strong feelings one way or the other about this dress. I loved the colors and the beading. I did not love the sleeve thingies or that weird panel thing. But I loved her hair. Made me want to cut mine again. Resisting this urge strongly.

Jennifer Hudson. Most people liked this. I did not. Her boobs were smooshed and I thought her hair looked terrible! She looks good though. She has obviously worked very hard to lose weight. And she can sing like crazy!

Anne Hathaway. She had a lot of looks. I didn’t see most of them. But this was her red carpet dress. I liked it, except the fabric looked funny. I don’t usually like this kind of dress. But I love Anne Hathaway. And Rachel Zoe, so I will give them a pass.

Natalie Portman. I like her (even though I haven’t seen Black Swan yet). And I like her little belly. But I thought this was a little lackluster for being nominated for the Best Actress Oscar. I LOVED her earrings though!

Mila Kunis. I loved this dress and the color and I thought she looked beautiful and different. But I was a teensy bit worried something was going to slip out. Yikes!

Reese Witherspoon. I adore her, but this was boring boring boring!

Okay. That’s enough.

Love this cute baby. She’s not such a baby anymore.

Today Chick-fil-A premiered their banana pudding milkshake. It was AH-MAZING!!!! It seriously tasted like banana pudding!

I would highly suggest getting one ASAP. And as often as possible! Also, don’t forget on Friday that you get a free order of fries on Friday between 2-4 if you ask to try their new ketchup. Yay!!


4 Comments on “Oscars 2011 and Banana Pudding Milkshakes”

  1. Anne’s red carpet dress was my fav. I loved Sandra and Mila Kunis too!

    Reese was boring. Natalie Portman’s dress was great, but I on the other hand, did not like her earrings. Can we talk about how much I hated Gwenyth’s dress?

    I also didn’t love James Franco hosting.

    Don’t forget to dvr Bethenny Ever After!

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I like Sandra’s too, but I had to draw the line at choosing too many pictures. I also was not crazy about Gwyneth’s dress or hair, but Ryan especially hated it. Every time they would show her.

      I didn’t watch too much of it, because I had to drive home, but yeah, James was a little unenthusiastic about it.

      But I know how you loved Colin winning!

      And I’m watching Bethenny right now!

  2. daynes mackey says:

    Anne’s red carpet dress was my least favorite of the night. Otherwise, I mostly agree. Except for Jennifer Hudson. I loved her dress. Also, Halle Berry’s was one of my favorites of the night, but that’s a given. Natalie Portman’s dress made her look fat.

    • sloandefyinggravity says:

      I liked Jennifer’s dress, I just didn’t think it fit her properly in the chest area. Unfortunately, I was not as crazy about Halle’s dress. She has set the bar too high in previous years and I thought the tulle was a little too haphazardly put on there and it seemed like she’s worn a similar dress before.

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