Girls on the Beach- The Beach Boys

It’s almost that time, Ladies and Gents. The time we anticipate with both excitement and dread. Swimsuit season. I got my first Victoria’s Secret bathing suit catalog a few weeks ago. That must make it official.

Last year, in an effort to save some moolah, I decided not to buy a bathing suit. I figured I had enough to hold me over. So this year, it means I’ve got to. Here are a few I’m thinking of.

(Does anyone else find the VS models distracting? I can’t concentrate on the bathing suits in those weird poses they do. Have you ever stood on the beach like that?)

You can’t go to the beach without the proper cover-up and shoes!

Of course, y’all know I’ve had every single bag under the sun, but my favorite beach bag will always be the Lands’ End Canvas Tote. Monogrammed, of course.

And since I’m all fancy around here now, if you click on the picture, it will take you to the site! Whooo!

Which are your favorites?


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