“The Rules”

A friend of mine retweeted “The Rules” and so I decided to go and check out some of their tweets. Some of them were pretty clever.

Rule No. 785: The cheap sushi won’t seem like such a bargain a few hours later.
Rule No. 811: Go ahead and lick the spatula.
Rule No. 742: At no point in history have farts not been funny.
Rule No. 42: One space after a period.
Rule No. 577: All the radio stations you like will play their commercials at the exact same time.
Rule No. 432: Don’t antagonize the bouncer.
Rule No. 178: The best blues is played by old blind guys.
Rule No. 341: Teen angst should not extend into your forties.
Rule No. 754: There is a fine line between Halloween costume and underwear.
Rule No. 64: Crunchberries are not a real fruit.
Rule No. 964: Your tolerance for alcohol does not increase when it’s free.

I think that last one is my favorite, so we’ll end there. What are some of your “rules?”


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