Lake Bedroom Re-Do

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a LOOOOOONG time, but was kind of wanting to wait til it was “finished.” Well, it’s still not, but I’m just going to post about it anyway.

When my parents bought their lake house, everything was YELLOW. Every single room, including the kitchen cabinets. YELLOW. Now, I love yellow, but it just wasn’t really the look we were going for. So, I decided to re-do my bedroom. Deanna and I did it about 2 years ago.

Here is the before.

For some reason, I wanted to paint the room pale pink. I’m not really a pink person. But this was what I wanted. Go figure. All these pictures are terrible because we decided to start painting at 10 at night. We were planning on taking the bed apart and taking it outside and spray painting it. But we couldn’t get it apart so we found white paint in the closet and just brushed it. Making it work.

And now. Kinda. There’s a curtain in the window, but apparently I haven’t gotten pictures of it. I will one day though.

Wow. These pictures are really, really terrible. This is probably what it looks closest to.

I wanted the room to look like stuff I found in my grandmother’s attic. I wanted a 70’s avocado-green lamp. I couldn’t find one, so I bought this one at Wally World and spray painted it and I love it.

The posters are from different things. The Boston Marathon sign from when we went to Boston my Senior year of High School, a St. Louis arch poster from when Rachel and I drove to Wyoming, Gaudi from when I went to Barcelona for a weekend while in London, and a Georgia O’Keefe poster from when I went to NY with my college class. Plus, some random pictures and things.

Wow. I should really take some more pictures.

There are some really awesome aviator pillows from Urban Outfitters on the bottom bunk, a shower curtain-turned curtain on the window, and a different chair in the corner now.

I’d love to rip up the carpet and paint a gray-blue and white checkerboard on the floor and put a great rug down. There’s also a heinous gold-toned ceiling fan that I’d like to do something about. But that will happen eventually. Maybe.

Of course, if it does happen, it will take me another 2 years to take pictures and post them. That’s just the way I roll.


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