Random Friday Thoughts

It has gotten COLD again! I’m not very happy about it! But I should be used to it since the weather gives us this teaser almost every year. I also think it’s weird how late Easter is. I’m going to feel weird wearing floral dresses and dressy sandals when it hasn’t been Easter yet. Especially when I have wedding showers for Brittany and Ryan’s roommate is getting married before spring.

Speaking of Easter, I decided not to give anything up for Lent. Basically, Erin at Blue Eyed Bride summed up my thoughts on it. I think your sacrifice should be something that brings you closer to God. And giving up Coke doesn’t do that for me. I could give up TV or the computer or Twitter, but who are we kidding? This year, since I’m reading my Bible in a year, I do it before I take my nap when H goes down. (Yes, I take a nap with her almost every day.) But I decided I can take 15 minutes out of my own nap to read it uninterrupted. So that has been my sacrifice all year. (Although I shouldn’t really think of it like that. But I do.) And it’s been great!

Speaking of naps, I’m really going to miss them when I have a real job. They have been an absolute delight this year.

Georgia lost in the SEC Tourney today. But I’m sure most of you already knew that. It sucked. How do you give up a 14 point lead with less that 7 minutes left in the game? Basically, they just gave up.

Since I’ve gotten my new phone, I haven’t re-hooked up my bluetooth. And I miss it! I really need to do that soon.

Okay, I think that’s all. Happy Friday y’all!


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