Peaser’s First Shower

On Sunday, I made a short, 3 item to-do list for the week in my head: blog everyday, finish up the next part of my sewing project, and put my clothes away in my room. Well of course by Monday afternoon, that list had almost tripled and last night I went CRAZY cleaning my room and didn’t even watch Bethenny. Seriously, I started at 9 and didn’t finish until close to midnight. Yes, my room really was that messy but I am so rarely in the mood to clean it that I feel like I have to embrace it when I can.

So, no blog post yesterday but I don’t feel bad about that because I now have a shiny room. Okay, not really because it’s not even close to Kathleen’s standard of “clean,” but it works for me. I’ve always said I have better things to do than clean.

So anyway, part 1 of my weekend.

Of course, I went to Atlanta. Friday night was pretty low-key. Ryan and I went to Chipotle with his roommate David and then we just watched basketball the rest of the night. I’m not sure what we’ll do once basketball season is over. I guess we’ll have to (gasp!) talk to each other! Oh, I kid, I kid. We’ll be going to weddings or things related to weddings. That I’m not kidding about. 5 in 8 weeks, plus Peaser’s Bachelorette Weekend. That’s a LOT of wedding cake!

Saturday was Brittany’s first shower, hosted by her mom’s friends.

As you can see from the sign, there was tons of great food and wine, that I unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of. But I did get a picture of the cake. And it was amazing.

Practicing for the wedding! (I think this is where I should warn you that there is going to be an overload of pictures in this post. And in this season of my life. Just preparing you.)

Lots of gifts!

But first, it was game time! We played the no-crossing your legs game and then the purse game. Katy had a highlighter for H. Of course she did. She goes to Tech.

Claire won a lottery ticket!

Then it was Round 1 of gifts! A coffee maker for her iced coffee!

Claire did lots of drinking. (Not really.)

My present! I loved these Fiestaware platters.

Then it was time for the toilet paper bride game! Katy was our model and she was beautiful!

All of the toilet paper brides. Sadly, Katy didn’t win. (I think using an 8 year old as your model is very fair.)

Then it was time for the rest of the presents!

Kelly was an excellent maid of honor writing down everything!

This picture just cracks me up.

And the face when she realized Kelly and I got her the same thing! It’s ok. She registered for 2, but there was a little confusion at first. Great minds think alike!

The last gift from the hostesses was a huge game basket. Their “thing” is getting together and playing games and drinking, so I’m super pumped about lots of game nights.

Peaser and her mom with all the hostesses. They were staying after to play games and drink more. Really, I think the shower was just an excuse for them to hang out after.

All the bridesmaids. (Yes, wearing this dress was a mistake. I won’t be wearing it anywhere else that pictures are being taken.)

And little Peaser and her mama. I guess she’s not so little anymore seeing as how she’s getting MARRIED!!

After the shower, I hauled butt back to Alpharetta to watch Arizona lose the PAC 10 championship in overtime to a buzzer-beater shot. It. Sucked. If you had told me 6 months ago that I would give 2 sh*ts about Arizona basketball, I would have told you that you were crazy.

After the game, we headed to a bar to go meet Sarah and her friend Tara who had come into town to see Kentucky in the SEC Championship. But I left my camera in the car, so no pictures. :( But we had a great time!





One Comment on “Peaser’s First Shower”

  1. Kristin says:

    I LOVE all of these pictures!! And I’m so excited all of Pease’s wedding stuff is really starting to happen! It’s so soon!! YAY!

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