Pease’s Sorority Shower

It’s taken me a while to get these up. I’ve been lazy because the sun was a pain and I had to edit all the pictures. Ugh. I also went for a run today and it was slow. And painful. And I am out of shape. But I won’t be forever! That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

On Saturday, Claire, Burles and I and our moms hosted a shower for Pease for all of the “sorority” girls at the Swan Coach House.

Lots of swan touches everywhere.

The room we had it in was beautiful! Lots of windows! And the staff there was great! Super nice and helpful.

The food was delicious and the dessert was beautiful! (But hard to eat. It was still pretty frozen! They just made you work for it.)

We played a little game where we had asked Ross questions and Brittany had to guess his answers. If she got it right, she got to open a gift! There were some funny and some were sweet. It was fun!

There were lots of great friends. (Except don’t they look bored?? haha)

Here are some less bored friends.

Okay, Kathleen, Iz, and Kim look less bored here! Good! (I hate to think they were bored!)

Pease got some great things. We all KNOW the quesadilla maker from Iz was a favorite.

And this tailgating basket from MA was awesome!

I just liked this picture of Peaser. I CANNOT BELIEVE I am old enough to have friends getting married! This is a great season of life and I’m so happy I have such great people to share it with.

Of course afterwards we took LOT of picture combinations! All the girls.


Our sweet little pledge class. I can’t believe I’ve known these girls almost SEVEN years!

All the sorority girls.

The bridesmaids. Minus Burles, who was in SLC and Katy, who was at the beach.

And me, Pease, and Claire.

Jami told us to re-enact Pease’s 21st birthday. Yes, I am puking. Because that is what I did. That is what we ALL did. Oh, college.

Peaser with her mom and Ross’s mom.

All of the girls. Caroline’s mom, Claire, Claire’s mom, Pease’s mom, Pease, my mom and me.

Is that enough for you? I think so. It was beautiful and we had a great time! All of these showers are making me ready for The Big Event, though! 2 more months is coming up soon!


2 Comments on “Pease’s Sorority Shower”

  1. daynes mackey says:

    The Swan Coach House is so fabulous!

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