Running Through the Tulips

I’ve taken up running again. I’m also doing the 100 push up challenge. I may have said that already. I don’t remember. I started running because I am currently on what Claire refers to as the “boyfriend diet.” It’s more like the “sure-let’s-just-get-both-appetizers-and-I’ll-eat-my-whole-entree-plus-I-could-probably-eat-dessert-too diet.” And, well, I’m not going to stop eating so I have to start exercising. I think the real low point was after Pease’s shower when Mama and I went shopping and I walked around the mall with my shorts unbuttoned. True story.

We have tulips at the lake and since we’re not usually down there to enjoy them, I cut a few and brought them back. Sunday night they opened completely up, like I’ve never seen before but they had closed back by the time I could take a picture today.

It’s nice to have some color around since the weather has again turned cold and drab. But, the pollen is gone, so there’s your silver lining.

I also desperately need an apartment or house or something to decorate. I’m dying to make these finger knit garlands. I’ve never finger knitted before, but I remember it being in my American Girl magazine once. Do they still make that magazine? I loved it. About 4 of my birthday parties came from there and I still have all of them for my daughters one day. Anyway, I think I’m going to make myself a necklace to practice. Because I don’t have enough jewelry. Anyone else out there want one? I have TONS of yarn.

Today, H’s oldest sister drew me a picture. She remembered me reading Little House a few months ago! I’m really impressed she spelled prairie correctly.

Also, my grandmother had knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago and isn’t recovering as well as she should be. If you think about it, I would appreciate your prayers.


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