24 years. I can’t believe it.

My birthday was Sunday. I turned 24. It still feels weird. But since it’s barely been 48 hours, I guess that’s normal. I guess I’m feeling this weird grown up but not really grown up yet. I have a boyfriend and a job and my friends are starting to get married, but I make almost no money and live with my parents. This is a strange time, but a good one!

Friday night, we took T and H to see The Sound of Music. My high school puts a musical on every year and I participated my junior and senior year. I teach T and H in Sunday School and I just adore them! H is especially my little buddy. It was loooooong (almost 2.5 hours), but T sat and watched the whole thing. H was a little more entertained by his McDonald’s Happy Meal toy. (T wouldn’t get in the picture.)

Saturday, Ryan and I celebrated my birthday. He cooked me dinner and then gave me my present. We had to hurry before the Arizona game. Dinner was great and Ryan gives the best presents because they are always thoughtful. I’ll have to explain it later. This is not the best picture of us but we had to hurry because the game was starting. I insisted though because I’ve learned with Georgia football, you have to take pictures before because you may not be in the mood after. Unfortunately, I was right. :(

Sunday we went to church and then Chance and Christina came to lunch with us. We had banana pudding for dessert. It is our favorite birthday dessert. I looooove it. And it was gone Monday. As in I scraped the bottom of the dish with my spoon. 3 candles- 1 for every 6 years.

It was a low-key birthday, but it was great. I felt very loved. Not that I don’t always. But you know what I mean.


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