Lots and Lots of Stuff

One day I will be able to come up with clever post titles.

Wheee! Here we are 6 days into April and I have yet to blog. WHO AM I??? And I’m watching American Idol! What?? I’m trying to get into it this year. I’m struggling, but the DVR has done wonders for me. By the way, Haley just KILLED Piece of My Heart. SO GOOD.)

As has become the norm, I didn’t take a single picture this weekend. But next weekend Ryan is in a wedding and Peaser has her last wedding shower so pictures will be coming out of my ears! So this is a waaaay advance warning.

But this weekend was great! (I’m trying to save awesome, per AnnieBlogs.) I went to Atlanta to hang out with Ryan and some other peeps. I haven’t been up there for a while! Plus, Baby H’s family has spring break this week so I’m off for the week! Loving it!

Friday night we went to 6 Flags for UGA night. I’ve decided I officially love roller coasters. I used to think I was scared of them, but I’m definitely not. We had a great time, although I was really sad that some people got stuck on Superman. I’m not that brave to get on a roller coaster that had people stuck on it. No thank you.

Saturday we got up and Ryan, Mikey and I went to lunch at a great burger and wings place and then went and played basketball at a new park. It was so nice and it made me wish I had a dog with me! That night, we went bowling and at one point I was actually not losing! Silver lining, people. Of course I ended up losing by at least 50, but we had fun!

Sunday the boys went to Wrestlemania, so Sarah and I went to the outlets and spent all of our money and talked from the time she picked me up at 2 until I left her house at midnight. And we probably could have kept talking. I love having friends like her.

Monday was a whole lot of nothing. And I LOVED it. I took Ryan Chick-fil-A to his office and then went to HobLob and bought some stuff to craft. So I made these little flowers from Jones Design Co. until Ryan and David came home and we went to dinner.

The blue ones are going on my beach hat! I’m really excited about it. And now that I went to her website, I can’t wait to make some wire words! I’m not that creative. I’m just good at copying people. ;)

Now I’m back home, sewing and babysitting. (Yes, even though it’s my week off. Gotta keep makin’ the money!) And Friday I will be heading back to the big city for Bryan and Melissa’s Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding! So excited! Lots of great stuff going on these next few months! Which means lots of friends time. My favorite!



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