All I do is babysit

Yesterday I got to hang out with my 2 favorite boys! I teach Thomas and Hudson in Sunday School and their mom used to teach me when I was in high school! I have loved Tori since then and we are even “sisters” in Alpha Gam! Since we all had spring break this week, she asked if I could stay with them one day and I jumped at the chance! We had a great day.

We spent the morning being lazy, watching TV and laying around in our jams. I love both of these boys, but H is my special little buddy.

For lunch, T wanted Subway and H wanted Waffle House so we just had both! A lot easier than listening to them fight about it. While H and I were waiting on our food, we entertained ourselves by taking pictures with my phone.

He wanted a picture of his eye.

When I handed him my camera, this is the oh so flattering picture he took. I think it’s a new profile pic on Facebook, don’t you?

And then he took one of my eye. If you’ve ever wondered what my allergy-infested, make-up less, very little sleep eye looked like, here it is.

T refused to have his picture taken.

Finally our food came and we took a break from taking pictures. I had a few errands to run, so I shamelessly bribed them and told them if they were good, then we would go get ice cream. Of course they were angels. :)

I had to sneak this picture. He had no idea I took it.

After finishing our ice cream, we headed to Fair Air, which is an inflatables place and they ran around for 2 hours and burned off all that coke and ice cream.

I would say we had a successful day!


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