Brian and Melissa get rehearsed

This weekend was Ryan’s best friend Brian’s wedding. It was also the beginning of “wedding season” and it was a doozy! Friday was the rehearsal, Saturday the wedding and Sunday Peaser had her last shower. Throw in a killer case of allergies and this weekend was even crazier. But it was awesome and I loved every second of it and now I am even more excited (if that’s even possible!) for Peaser’s wedding!

We got to Nahler Hall, where the wedding was going to be, before even Brian and Melissa because Ryan is the King of Being Early. It was a beautiful place.

I love this picture. Brian looks so happy.

The ‘Maids.

And the groomsmen. I’m especially fond of that one there on the left. ;)

Cole got to walk with Brian’s sisters. He knows he’s a lucky guy.

The mom’s talking it all over.

And proof that I was there. Even though I’m not crazy about my profile. And proof that if Sarah’s not around, there probably won’t be many pictures of me. Haha I’m bad about asking people to take pictures of me.

After rehearsing, we headed to Ippolito’s for dinner. It was so delicious. One of Brian’s sisters made a slideshow of the two of them growing up. Of course we all cried because it is so happy and sad at the same time to think that we are all growing up and moving on with our lives. And that means marriage and babies and life and death and bad and good. But the best part is we have our people to do it with.

What a happy season of life this is!


One Comment on “Brian and Melissa get rehearsed”

  1. Pease says:

    ummm i love that last picture of you and ryan!! adorable :)

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